Residential Programs

Home is a word personified by the wealth of belonging. At More Too Life, we not only provide housing support, but the term “beds needed” is one we shy away from. A home is much more than a bed. It is a place to discover, learn, protect, build, and think critically about the impermeable why of one’s life. 

Whether providing housing through our direct assisted living programs, leveraging the homes of our strategic partners, while providing care management in them, or our very own More Too Life Arch Angel Ranch, our sustainable living programs are purposed to mitigate homelessness and residence vulnerability in the lives of our mentees, who have already face profound trauma.
More Too Life believes in unique approaches and innovative collaborations that align with individualized needs and care. As one survivor may function best in a group home setting, with consistent supervision, another survivor may thrive better in an independent living situation, while another needs relocation

We recognize the importance of being victim-centered in the areas of housing as well. With safety first, we collaborate to assist each victim of human trafficking toward sustainability through our Safe Stay Housing Initiatives

The new More Too Life Archangel Ranch is one that provides both group and indie living concept. We also partner with other providers around the country and even the globe.
More Too Life created the Safe Stay Housing Initiatives to address the continuous need for immediate placement and long-term residency for victims and survivors of human trafficking. Our model is founded on the strength of collaboration with partner agencies, facilities, and specialized housing locations. The purpose of the Safe Stay Housing Initiatives is to identify and attain safe and appropriate housing for ongoing stability depending on their needs and unique personalities and desires.

Through innovation and trauma-informed care, services provided can include rental assistance for first and last month’s rent, and two additional months, or longer through partnerships, deposits, budget counseling, landlord advocacy, and connection to resources and programs that aid in their journey from victimization to realized freedom and sustainability. Services will be implemented in a way that strengthens the survivors' and victims’ stability, with respect to their individuality, and empowers victims/survivors to establish and maintain a stable home while working toward mental, emotional, and physical healing. 
Housing can be:

• Crisis intervention, emergency services, and needs assessment: Victims who have become homeless have immediate, crisis needs that need to be accommodated, including the provision of emergency shelter or safe homes, etc.
• Transitional Housing: Partnered efforts where options for program-based and group living environments are best suited for participants.
• Permanent housing services: The provision of services for participants to access and sustain housing includes working with mentees to identify affordable units, access housing subsidies, and negotiate leases. Or our long term group home settings and also the More Too Life Archangel Ranch for long term needs.
will come with EQUINE THERAPY
This Extended Housing Model is Coming in Phases 2022/23. Contact us if you’d like to know more.
The More Too Life Archangel Ranch is a New Innovative Therapeutic Residential Home and Training Center. 

All of the programs and initiatives featured on our website will be active at the ranch. There are also a few other life plan activities under this new 24 hours safe and monitored residential home and prevention property. 

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