Leadership Team

"A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way"
Brook Parker Bello P.hD
Founder, CEO More Too Life 
Raised in Southern California., Dr. Bello is Speaker, Author, Actor, Preacher, CEO, Justice Advocate, Entrepreneur, Techie, Visionary, Anti-Human Trafficking Prevention Curriculum Developer, Mentor and Founder of Multiple Organizations. Dr. Bello serves as an expert human trafficking consultant to the federal agency (HHS) Health and Human Services in Washington DC, and Global Centurion, related to Population Affairs for close to 5000 Title X Clinics response to human trafficking victims. Masters Series of Distinguished Leader Graduate, Chosen by Google as a Google Next Gen Policy Leader. Brook is a 2019 Victim Advocate of the Year from the US Department of Justice with the ATF. For her Tech, go to the Projects tab above and check out VR Eval a VI/AI Machine Learning Tool she created with co-creator of Call of Duty Chance Glasco and author and fellow Google Next Gen Leader, Carlos Wallace. Also Coming Home, her new Online Case Management System and Global Mobile App for victims of Human Trafficking, created to serve as a lower priced option for providers and a free first response self-evaluation and mentoring, app for victim and survivors. Learn More and Schedule a Demo: Http://www.cominghome.app Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is a multiple award winning social innovator who has distinguished herself with her works, addressing different social issues including human trafficking, sexual abuse and emotional balance and the "Legacy of Fatherhood"
Dr. Bello has spoken alongside presidents, prime ministers, and fellow change-makers at universities, large conferences, and federal agencies. Aside from holding a PhD in Pastoral Clinical Counseling, she was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama and the White House, the Advocate of the Year Award from Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott, named by United Way Worldwide as a Hero for her work, and most recently named by Google as a Google Next-Gen Policy Leader 2017-2022 and 2019 Department of Justice ATF Division Victim Advocate of the Year. She is an expert consultant for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Title X Clinics and Population Affairs National Human Trafficking Training with Global Centurion and the US Department of Justice having consulted on federal cases. She holds a US Patent in technology and is the creator of grounding breaking software in case management and virtual reality.
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Mechelle Wilder has been in the real estate business the past 14 years and has built herself an outstanding reputation in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding area. With her years of education and work experience, 

Mechelle endeavors to provide a professional, skilled and enjoyable experience for all of her clients. She serves on various other boards of nonprofits and church organizations in her area. 

She holds a BA in Communications from Samford University and has extensive marketing training from IBM.
Irene was born in Kiev, Ukraine and immigrated to Israel at the age of 11. She later moved to the United States and graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Business Administration. Irene is a true global citizen and speaks multiple languages. After a successful career in banking and real estate management, she founded Embrace Foundation which focuses on the needs of the world’s most vulnerable. Embrace's most recent efforts focused on facilitating evacuations and sheltering displaced women and children. In 2021, she joined Global Sustainability Network in efforts to fight modern day slavery. Irene is proud to launch GSN America chapter with MTL as strategic partner in the fall 2023. In her free time she enjoys hiking and is currently training for her first marathon.
Raymond Bechard is an author, speaker, and Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist focusing on human trafficking. He has investigated instances of injustice around the world for over 25 years bringing unique insight, fact-based reporting, and powerful change in the fight against inequality and abuse. He provides a clear and concise voice for those who are made silent by victimization and oppression, often advising organizations in their mission to save and improve lives.

An outspoken advocate for liberty and justice, Bechard is credited with writing multiple pieces of successful legislation focusing on human trafficking, forcing Facebook to enact stronger child-safety measures, and “killing” a Tribune Media publication after it continued running ads selling illegal “escort” services. He presented the well received TEDx Talk, “Breaking Our Culture’s Addiction to Conflict” and was featured on HBO’s documentary, “Murder on Middle Beach.”

Among hundreds of other writings, his books include, “The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America,” a close, historical examination of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and its place within all American communities, and “Unspeakable: The Truth Behind the World’s Fastest Growing Crime,” an expose of Child Trafficking in all its forms around the globe.

Bechard has trained thousands of people, equipping individuals with the no-nonsense information and resources needed to bring lasting change. Recently, Bechard presented at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican, Lambeth Palace in London, to the US Navy, VOAD, and the American Nurses Association among others.

Today, Raymond continues speaking truth to power, exposing corruption and giving a voice to those who have none.

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Scott is a technology entrepreneur and investor. He began his career by developing an education technology & training program for the global franchises of a leading early childhood education company. Now, Scott is a business advisor, board member, and expert in helping companies enter channel focused technology ecosystems.

Scott is an advocate of the 1, 1, 1, philanthropic model pioneered by Salesforce. He supports many causes, and is actively engaged alongside numerous Nobel Peace Laureates, including Kailash Satyarthi, Leymah Gbowee, and more. Scott has invested in leading tech companies including: Workfront (acquired by Adobe for $1.5B), OwnBackup (valued at $3.6B), PandaDoc (valued at >$1B), Simplus (acquired by Infosys for $250M), Simulate, Homie, Soar, Aether, and more.

Kai spent fifteen years of his young adult life working on projects for the social good of the world, he was recognized in 2016 as a “global leader” for his work as a health science catalyst, connecting high-net-worth individuals to cutting edge scientists in need of funding. He worked to support regenerative environmental philanthropic projects, became a “Gross National Happiness” Ambassador for the Kingdom of Bhutan, hosted events that brought together leaders from a variety of social good organizations while helping to expand and grow his family's business empire.

Now imagine the horror and heartbreak of realizing the father you love is using power, wealth, and position to sexually abuse women and young girls. And that he has been doing so for decades with no apparent repercussions.

How do you handle the emotional pressure of sorting out possible courses of action and deciding what to do? “It killed me, it broke my heart,” says Kai Zen Bickle, echoing the raw, devastating feelings of many who’ve discovered relatives are perpetrators of sexual abuse. After processing his grief of “losing the father he thought he knew.” Kai says he was left with “the monster.” Kai has since taken his mother’s name, renounced any possible inheritance of a massive family fortune (to which Kai was listed as the main heir), and channeled his energy into closing legal loopholes that his father used to hide and enable his alleged criminal conduct.

“I was in a position to get him out of the country and protect his assets while maintaining my position as heir to those resources,” Kai recalls, “or I could roll up my sleeves, support the investigation and do what I could to ensure the accusers right to face their alleged abuser.” Kai chose to work aggressively, at great personal cost, to make it possible for sexually abused girls and women to have their voices heard in court-of-law.

Peter Nygard, whose net worth was calculated at more than $900 million in 2020, rose to prominence as a fashion designer. He founded Nygard International in 1967 as a Canadian design, manufacturing and supply concern. The business expanded into the United States and internationally, becoming one of the world’s largest women’s clothing manufacturers. As his success and fortune grew, he cultivated a lifestyle patterned after Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame, purchasing and developing a lavish estate in the Bahamas, accompanied by a constantly changing group of female companions.

In 2019, during one of Nygard’s occasional trips to Los Angeles, he held a small dinner party that Kai attended. During the meal, he believes he saw Nygard behaving inappropriately, “sexually grooming” an eight-year-old girl.

Sick at heart, Kai took all the correct steps to report it, was attacked for it, and experienced how difficult the process can be. Nine months later, in February 2020, formal accusations against Nygard came in, for which Kai gives much credit to the civil attorneys involved. “People that I had been reaching out to when I saw something, began to speak up now that accusations became public, the floodgates of information broke open and it started to become clear that we were dealing with a dangerous and active super predator.”

Two months after the initial 10 women came forward, civil attorneys had found an additional 47 women bringing the total accusers to 57 women and children who alleged abuse at Nygard’s hands. Today, more than 125 accusers have come forward in the civil case. “The pattern of behavior followed wherever he went,” Kai notes, “and spanned over five decades.” The victims included 14-year-old girls, so Kai reasoned it shouldn’t be too hard to press criminal charges because children were involved. “That’s when I found out how truly difficult it is, over and over again I was told no criminal charges could be filed because of a jurisdiction loophole. The abuse occurred against USA citizens but outside of the USA jurisdiction, a short flight away to the Bahamas.”

Despite connecting accusers to the FBI and to police in the United States and Canada, Kai found their hands were essentially tied. No one could stop Nygard from fleeing the country. His passport could not be flagged without an arrest warrant, even though he posed a significant flight risk. “It kept me up at night, wondering what he would do for the rest of his life if allowed to flee to a jurisdiction outside of the reach of the USA.,” Kai recalls.

Behind the scenes within the company, Kai secretly worked to delay the liquidation of $100 million in company assets, engaging in business tactics to keep Nygard from moving money offshore. In the summer of 2020, Kai helped his brothers file a lawsuit against Nygard when Kai discovered that they were also survivors who had been abused at the direction of Nygard, through sex workers, when they were minors. When it appeared Nygard would flee the country, Kai went public, calling his father out as a flight risk, and he began participating in documentaries and podcasts in support of survivors.

Through it all, Kai maintains, “It’s not up to me to determine whether he’s guilty. However, he should have to go through due process and face his accusers in a court-of-law.” Consequently, Kai went to work on getting laws changed, noting the loopholes within the justice system his father exploited. “The greatest enabler of Peter Nygard was the legal loopholes he exploited within the legal system. When we update the laws to expand protections, we create real and lasting changes for the better.”

In 2021 Kai received the “Voice of the Voiceless” Award from ChildUSA, a non-profit organization that focuses on changing laws. Over the past year of working with ChildUSA, Kai has completed a Jurisdiction Reform Bill that would expand protections for US citizens who have a sex crime committed against them on foreign soil. This bill would allow a USA citizen to take a rape kit in any country that a sex crime was committed and bring evidence back to the USA to be used by USA authorities to prosecute crimes committed against their citizens.

In 2022 Kai received the “Champion for Social Justice and Human Rights Award” from the Social Justice Institute, at the University of Toledo. Kai uses his background of public speaking to raise awareness and promote solutions for some of the many challenges. He is also passionate about facilitating the fast-tracking of solutions for PTSD treatments and blockchain backed technology breakthroughs that aid as tools for survivors to seek justice, prevent crimes and heal from traumas.

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1993-Present CEO, Comunicano, Inc. Providing brand strategy, asymmetrical and value creation communications counsel to companies in the high technology, wireless health, telecom, wireless, mobile, 2.0, broadband, live entertainment, concert and events, consumer package goods, wine & spirits, financial services sectors. In the last 19 years 56 clients have exited M&A or IPO for over $6 billion dollars.

2021-Present, FOUNDER, wineTOURia, a wine discovery agency focused on the wine road less traveled and reducing the friction between producer and buyer. Established sampling programs with leading co-working facilities, developed multi-city dinner series, bespoke wine tour program, consultant to restaurants for list development and serve as international sourcing agents for non-USA etailers, retailers, importers and private client buyers.
2010-Present Winemaker, Comunicano Wine Company, USA Ambassador-International Grenache Association, wine writer.

Most recently 2021- Present Global Chief Marketing Officer, AEHRA, the first pure-play Electric Vehicle company in Italy

Launched Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Central in 1976 age 16. Office Manager, Manager of Amateur Hockey Affairs in 1981-1984 as President and Executive Director of Hockey Central, 1984-1988.

Online pioneer Journalist in 1984/85 with ENA (Electronic Networking Association)
Denver Nuggets front office in 1988 Corporate Accounts Executive. Key accounts Nissan, Miller Beer, Sears, RJR, Panasonic

General Manager, Celebrity All Star Hockey 1989-1998. Generated of over $6,000,000 for charities through "A"​ level star driven events.

Foote, Cone & Belding/Impact-LA 1989 operating rogue office in Philadelphia. Brand marketing, consumer/trade promotion for clients Dr. Scholls'​, Spalding, Mattel, Pioneer Electronics.

Recruited to lead Upper Deck Company's Sports Marketing & Public Relations team in 1991 a Established brand and market domination programs leveraging PR and sponsorships, plus event guerrilla tactics .

Launched Strategy Plus in 1993 supporting emerging companies Press Pass, Ted Williams Card Company, Alternative Capital Solutions, MobileWord & others. Renamed Comunicano in 2000.

Cofounder, Millennium Group with Pace Entertainment, 1994,
GM and Client Services Director. Led Jack Daniels, Coca Cola, TBS accounts.

1996-1999 Senior Communications, Pioneer Music Group.

1999-2000 Co founder venture backed Plus Media, Chief Marketing Officer
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Bishop Baltimore is a well respected global Interfaith Leader, Humanitarian, Missions Leader and Educator. He serves faithfully as the Senior Pastor and Leader of the International Community Baptist Churches, USA and the Philippines. Bishop Baltimore served with distinction as the 19th President of the ​Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) leading 2.5 million international members from 2010 to 2014. He was the first President of PNBC to serve from the State of Virginia.

Bishop Baltimore currently serves as President/CEO of Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC (G.A.I.N.) and C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries, Inc. He is the visionary and founder of the Carroll A. Baltimore Christian Academy, Inc. and the C.A.B. Southern Mindanao Theological Seminary.
Carlos Wallace is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and youth advocate. Carlos has written two books that have earned the businessman turned social activist national acclaim. “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments into Your Greatest Blessings” is currently an integral part of the Psychology curriculum at Lone Star College – University Park in Houston, Texas. His second work, “The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind to Enjoy Serenity” is the inspiration behind an award-winning television program of the same name. 
Marya Meyer is the Executive Director of The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade. As One Billion Rising’s Global Coordinator for Miami, she has worked with Eve Ensler and activists across the globe since 2012, when this grassroots movement united ordinary citizens and stakeholders to create the awareness and solidarity necessary to end the staggering statistics of gender violence, locally and across the globe, in our lifetimes. 
Laura J. Lederer, J.D.. is a Subject Matter Expert on Human Trafficking and President of Global Centurion, an anti-trafficking NGO. She serves as SME for U.S. government agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Defense. Over the past ten years she has worked extensively with survivors of human trafficking. She is the primary investigator and author of a landmark study entitled, “The Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking,” published in the University of Loyola Chicago Annals of Health Law, in which she interviewed domestic survivors of sex trafficking about their physical and mental health problems.
Laura’s epic study with Harvard University lead to her immense advocacy which was the founding aspect of the TVPA in the USA.

She served as Subject Matter Expert for the development of the HHS SOAR to Health and Wellness training on human trafficking for healthcare professionals, and most recently (2019-2020) training and technical assistance on pregnancy and human trafficking. She is currently working on a study of pregnancy and childbirth in human trafficking.

She served from 2001-2009 in the U.S. Department of State as Senior Advisor on Trafficking in Persons to Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs. She was also Executive Director of the Senior Policy Operating Group on Trafficking in Persons, a policy group that staffed the President’s cabinet-level Interagency Task Force on Trafficking in Persons.

Her book Modern Slavery: A Documentary and Reference Guide to the Development of the 21st Anti-Trafficking Movement, published by Greenwood Publishing Company (2018) tells the story of the modern-day anti-slavery movement through a primary source materials including documents, speeches, pamphlets, treaties, laws, and articles spanning more than 300 years, and tracks the rising consciousness about the many forms of modern-day slavery and the people who worked and are working to combat it.
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Executive Director
Dawn comes to More Too Life with over fifteen years of professional experience connecting individuals and families to community resources, navigating complex systems of care and a proven track record of improving service delivery systems. Dawn recently spearheaded a street outreach program for unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness as a Master Case Manager as part of the Sarasota YMCA’s School House Link.

She engaged close to 150 youth through street outreach and empowered them to take steps to move forward as self-sustaining adults. 
Dawn made strong connections with community leaders and was identified as a Subject Matter Expert to expand services for unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness in Sarasota County. Dawn was honored to receive a Citizen’s Certificate of Merit from the Sarasota Police Department for her work with homeless youth.

Dawn will enlighten MTL services with her broad range of knowledge in health and human services, ranging from child welfare, developmental disabilities, program management, community organizing to and advocacy on state and local levels. During her career, Dawn has served on numerous local and state committees and has been instrumental in the passage of key legislation relating to Medicaid buy-in for children, supportive employment and autism treatment. 

Dawn successfully secured funding from the city council to bring bus stops into compliance with ADA standards in Fort Collins, CO. Dawn is described as a strong advocate for the people she serves and is very passionate about social justice impacting our most vulnerable citizens. She holds a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Houston, a Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Texas in Arlington, as well as an Associate’s in Mental Health and Youth Counseling.
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