Community Programs

Our community is global. Education, provider advocacy, leadership development, social justice understanding and the awareness intelligence that we provide is a key component of our programs that are focused on prevention. Whether business leader, corporation, NGO, partner, or human capital we lead in enriched talks, curriculums, teachings and trainings.
A noun
The act of stopping something from happening or of stopping someone from doing something.
That is what we pursue every day at the More Too Life Foundation.
Prevention is at the core of what we do, in all we do. 

Providing direct care to victims is in and of itself, prevention as well. With the intensity of global crimes in human trafficking, its “root causes and collateral damage” that we have intrinsically studied, and our founder having coined this phrase, we have seen the need for prevention methods and concepts at the core of ending human trafficking, when many wouldn’t even fund it or realized its profound need. 
Prevention and its educational and programs services that we offer further address those such as men and women in our RJEDE and LUYD programs, our mentees (victims and those high risk to be trafficked or become violators) who are educated via our mentoring programs like Living Above the Noise and the community education and awareness is a focus of events, summits, trainings, and the dive into technology and the role it plays in the human trafficking cycle; the objective of our LATN DI² (Digital Integrity & Intelligence + Internet Safety) is to educate youth on the importance of digital integrity and internet safety as it relates to human trafficking, misconduct, and healthy relationship boundaries

We also have other prevention programs mentioned on our partner website at Prevention, is also about economics and sustainability, if survivors and high-risk persons are not equipped to live independent lives, they will often become re-exploited after direct services because they were not prepared for the future.
More Too Life’s victim service framework model is instrumental in all we do. For 18 years we have learned so much about providing care. Many persons see direct care as only meeting the foundational needs of victims. While that is essential and true, it must not stop there. It’s like seeing the beach for the first time and never letting the waves roll across your feet or jumping in for the first time

Whether we are providing direct care ourselves in one of our center locations, residential homes or overseeing the care of our mentees (victims) with our strategic partners that uniquely provide additional needed supportive services because we are there providing case management, we understand that life is more than getting out of harms way, having food or shelter. It’s about discovering identity, self and who we are and what is possible, especially after unbearable trauma. 
Our direct care encompasses a deep dive into education, career guidance, therapy, goals, dreams and the assistance in helping to shape destiny.

We use very creative resources, processes and innovation to meet victims’ needs. Whether working with doctors for overall health, womb health for female victims, trauma-informed and applied methods, lawyers, tutors or clinicians we have seen thousands of lives changed. Our focus on life plans and deep case management covers everything in all of our programs with an individualized care process for each victim.

Safe Shelter
• Mental Behavioral Health
• Clothing and other Goods
• Healthy Food
• Medical and Dental Support
• Legal such as court advocacy in human trafficking cases, assistance with expungements and other legal matters
• Career, Work and Job Training Programs
• Educational Services, GED, Highschool, College, Vocational and Certifications
• Life Coaching
• Mentoring
• Transportation
• Crime Victim Compensation Support

This is only part of what we do in direct care but key coordination is powerful, innovative and prolific. We also realize that 1000 days to five years is how long many of our survivors are connected to care. More Too Life Foundation, operates an Education and Assessment Crisis Care Centre in Sarasota County with satellite offices and services in several other counties, including our new More Too Life Arch Angel Ranch in Broward and other services in Miami-Dade. With direct and indirect services that affects thousands of victims, as well as hundreds of thousands of national communities, More Too Life has been identified as making remarkable revolutionary steps in delivering prevention and human trafficking direct care and education to hundreds of youths and young adults.
In order to end human trafficking, prevention is needed for youth, especially age 10 to 18 years. 

Our innovative curriculum for youth victims and those high-risk has a focus on education with our Digital Integrity and Intelligence education and our Living Above the Noise (LATN) that provides a yearlong structured study from self-discovery, communication skills, goal setting, understanding of negative bonds, mentoring, critical thinking, healthy relationships, gang violence avoidance, social media and the internet

Along with other needed skills and exposure to the possibilities in the future of work with case management (mentor management) for survivors and group sessions and mentoring education for high risk youth.
Data aggregation in all areas of need from why survivor’s runaway, why they fear sharing and what is needed to see lives move past foundational structure.

Such as, stabilization, why teachers, therapist, and even first responders misread who victims are and cause further victimization or community members are sometimes afraid to understand. 

We also partner with national and global leaders to think tank processes, reasons, and modalities of what the root causes are and a study of the collateral damages and public policy so that everyone knows how to play a part.

All of our programs, life plans, and team building is all based on mentoring. 
Even our deep case management we see as mentor management.
We love this meaning from Forbes:

A mentor is simply someone who helps us get unstuck, a non-judgmental person who listens with an open mind to help us steer clear of the mistakes they themselves made (and wish they’d had a mentor to help avoid). A mentor helps us accelerate our growth by showing us a clearer path with fewer distractions and obstacles. Think of it this way: When you climb a mountain, you’re thrilled to get to the top — but then quickly look to the next peak and resolve to reach that summit. A mentor helps you scale those upcoming peaks. 
- Jon Dwoskin

Through the knowledge and experience of a mentor, we believe the mentee can leap forward. It’s proven that they can learn to avoid making the same mistakes just by having an ambassador who cares.
Whether our on-staff clinicians provided by Voices for Florida, our therapists and counselors, our mental health professional strategic partners, mental health care is essential. 

Not only do we provide therapy, but we also manage it. 

We connect and engage with a survivors current therapist as well as partner with mental health institutions in our wrap around services framework model, providing a key aspect to “trauma informed care”.