Innovative Programs

Innovation is “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” — George Bernhard Shaw

Survivors of trauma need to discover their own power. Our knowledge and desire to discover new ways of data aggregation, practices, courses, and services is born out of a deep desire for survivors to not only become aware of what is possible but have the tools that catapult them to walk in it. This is exactly what our programs and data does.
1000 Days is a minimum time frame that many of our students are in More Too Life, programs. 

Not just the name of a 52-week curriculum and framework model but the DBA of our work in Florida. 

This program extends to our overall all victim service program, consisting of care management, mentoring, mental behavioral health, therapy management, educational guidance such as GED, high school, college, new certifications in Grow with Google, graphic design, technology, and other practicum that prepares our survivors and other mentees for the future of work, entrepreneurial skills and the value of their own story and its intellectual property.
...Mentoring and Education: Living Above The Noise (LATN) is MTL’s 5 semester (3-12 month) educational curriculum created by Dr. Brook Parker-Bello with the objective of assisting participants with the tools they choose for transformation from, victims into survivors, to thrivers, and ultimately champions by educating and empowering youth, young women and boys, with a variety of ways on how to build and live a sustainable lifestyle. LATN encompasses a key aspect of MTL’s victim service framework model

The purpose of LATN is not just to foster a survivor mentality but also to teach leadership with a higher purpose to have a positive impact in one’s own life, society, with an emphasis on a survivors and victims’ emotional shift on any kind of childhood violence or trauma being their fault to being a survivor champion. To do this, survivors must learn to critically think and ask important questions after abuse: ‘Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?’

Participants, go through personal development, worldviews on human trafficking and sexual violence prevention, early warning signs and prevention methods, internet safety and digital integrity with exposure to the world through technology, leadership, identity discovery, communication skills, cultural influences, de-collateralizing from gang or pimp culture, submissive labor culture and the necessary skills to enter their new life. The overall goal is to educate and empower survivors with ways they can live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
The first, Dedicated Life Mentoring & Human Trafficking Prevention App and Mentor Management System.

Innovation is at the core of this new tech created by Dr. Brook Bello, who gives vision and heart to victim services by encouraging other survivors of trauma that it’s never too late to develop, build, and become a thought leader and innovator after the feeling of a lack of value or hope. 

Coming Home, is not about a place but coming home to self-discovery and identity.
Coming Home is the nation’s only secure interactive mobile app with included online case management system that provides your clients, mentees and human and sex trafficking victims a reliable means of finding and receiving life coaching and mentoring or services and resources.

Victim or Think You're a Victim of Human Trafficking Anywhere in the World? Email Help to: We will assist you in gaining access to Coming Home where we can help you locate services in your area and chat with one of our advocates. If you are a Person who needs Mentoring or Life Coaching due to history, please contact us.
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More Too Life Foundation, an Open Doors Outreach Network Provider. 

More Too Life provides direct victim services, training, education, awareness-building events and prevention programs for court-appointed services in eight Florida counties. These initiatives feature curriculum written by Dr. Bello and an online learning management system for anti-trafficking programs and the criminal justice system nationwide

Recently, Dr. Bello, who was named a Google Next Gen Policy Leader in 2019, has leveraged technology to expand More Too Life’s impact with the Coming Home online case management system and mobile app, and VR Eval. Coming Home is the first interactive app and adaptable online mentoring case management system for victims and trauma victims seeking mentoring, case management or support resources.
The Program Project: This program policy is funded in part by the Office of Justice Programs (OJP), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), approved award for Living Above The Noise, Inc. (More Too Life) under the OJP funding opportunity entitled "OVC FY 2020 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Purpose Area 2: Enhancing Scope of Services for Human Trafficking Victims."

Project Title: Enhancing More Too Life, Inc. Direct Victim Services.

The primary goal of this program is to expand and strengthen the quality and reach of MTL’s direct victim services for victims of human trafficking, including programs that provide trauma-informed and applied services. The core areas of service to be enhanced include Education, Employment, and Career Assistance; Housing assistance and advocacy; and, the provision of Addiction counseling.
Enhancement of these services will be tailored to address the five marked gaps in current federally funded activities described in the section directly above. The objective in providing these services is to achieve increased safety, independence, empowerment, self-sufficiency, and well-being for victims of human trafficking in Florida-based counties. MTL serves the Suncoast and South Florida. This includes victims from other Florida regions in partnership with Department of Justice cases. In the future, this program will also serve as a replica for other service areas of interest.

Education, Employment, and Career Development:

Without adequate and enhanced specialized mentorship in the areas of education, employment, and career goals and intervention, survivors/victims often feel they do not have any viable options for a life outside of sex trafficking, forced prostitution, illicit trade, and human trafficking. MTL helps victims to attain their high school diplomas, GED, and higher learning, as well as other course-work and continued learning-based programs to achieve a life of independence, empowerment, and discovered purpose.

Strengthening capacity and increased staff time will also allow MTL to designate more activities towards the attainment of High School Diplomas, GEDs, College Degrees, and Vocational Certificates with identification and enrollment of students in skills-based and educational career programming and coursework which will ultimately allow survivors to thrive in the workforce, in business, in entrepreneurship, and live independently.

Substance Abuse Treatment Support:

MTL currently provides survivors with therapy and mental health management from licensed clinicians, psychiatric assessments, case management, and care from professionals and life coaches. Substance abuse remains one of the continual barriers faced by victims and survivors and one that often causes various cycles of damage to their lives. This is often coupled with negative relationships of partner drug users with the intent to regroom and re-victimize and suffer poverty.

The MTL Substance Abuse Counselor and Peer Specialist will provide additional services and specialized resources to MTL’s victim population who suffer from substance abuse. MTL will work with participants to assist in the aggregation of partner substance abuse support providers and direct services and addict counseling from our specialist….
Live Until You Die (LUYD), created by Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is a court-appointed, personal development program for individuals who have been jailed, or have re-offended, as a result of prostitution. We aim to serve prostituted offenders who may be victims of sexual/domestic violence, human trafficking and under pimp control, drug dependent, and mentally challenged, and other individuals under the influence of gangs, fraud, or coercion.

The program consists of an 8-hour plus educational program. The intent is also educating our participants on the history of prostitution and human trafficking and the childhood trauma often never dealt with, when most adult prostituted persons were raped, trafficked, or violated as a child. Preventing recidivism in individuals who have been jailed for prostitution by encouraging character development and providing skills for an independent lifestyle is a key component of prevention and support against gender-based violence.  
(Restorative Justice End Demand Education) is an example of change, please visit and learn from a former trafficker gang member, that graduated the RJEDE program that Dr. Bello, is working to teach in order that he might teach others like him. Men and boys who have violated or high risk to violate need our help. Without their change, nothing will evolve

The Mainstream Demanding More with Restorative Justice End Demand Education and our Faith-based Legacy of Fatherhood Education for men and boys for prevention and awareness of porn addiction, human trafficking and sexual exploitation and the igniting of empathy and love. The power of being a man in today’s world. In Support of More Too Life Foundation & Powered by Youthiasm®. Visit to learn more. Note that this volunteer and court appointed program is also for parent’s male of female that have children who have been exploited.
The gratitude to serve as a Google Next Gen Policy leader, our founder has shared is moving. All that she has learned about the power of #techforgood has been life changing for all of us. The excellence of knowledge connected to solving challenges in our world is essential. So, much so that she fulfilled a lifelong dream and developed a new case management system, mobile app and new VR project for mental health and trauma.

The "Future of Work" is real. Preparing our mentees and their families is one of the most important factors of assisting survivors and those high risk to become entrepreneurial, to critically think about really 21st century careers and more.

That’s why we are managing programs that Google offers the world, to our mentees.
More about their trainings:

• No experience necessary
- Learning job-ready skills, even with no relevant experience.
- 1,300,000 in-demand job openings across certificate fields

• Learn at your own pace
- Completing the online program on our own terms.
- Under 10 hours of flexible study per week

• Standing out to new employers
- Make your resume competitive with a credential from Google.
- 82% of Certificate graduates report a positive career impact in six months

• A path to in-demand jobs
- Connect with top employers who are currently hiring.
- $63,600 average salary for entry-level roles across certificate fields
- Earn a credential that can lead to jobs in high-growth fields

IT Support:

• IT Specialists troubleshoot problems so computers and networks run correctly.
• If you like: solving problems, helping others

Data Analytics:

• Data analysts collect, transform, and organize data in order to help make informed business decisions.
• If you like: uncovering trends and patterns, visualizations

Project Management:

• Project managers ensure projects within an organization are managed and completed with maximum value.
• If you like: solving problems, organization, working with people

UX Design:

• UX designers make digital and physical products easier and more enjoyable to use.
• If you like: understanding people, drawing, thinking creatively

Android Development:

• Android developers build, maintain, and debug Android mobile applications.
• If you like: solving problems, collaborating with others, working with computers.

This is part of what we do along with our other hands on training.

The future of work describes changes in how work will get done over the next decade, influenced by technological, generational and social shifts.

That is why along with our Google Certifications we will partner with specialized mentors and companies to be hands on with our staff and our mentees so they are prepared for tomorrow today.

A specific curriculum and educational program from understanding specialized laws to intellectual property rights that effect them and becoming an influencer is just a small part of our training.

This is a huge world while being small in its ability to connect and our mentees deserve the best shot to build life, career and sustainability.