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“We exist to inspire change in people and transform culture for a better world for all victims of human trafficking. Until there are none."
More Too Life Celebrating 19 years of Passion for Victims, Community and Prevention 
Victim to Survivor, Survivor to Thriver and Thriver to Champion®

Since 2005 and before, More Too Life Foundation (MTL) DBA Living Above The Noise (LATN) has been giving a voice to victims of human trafficking. 

Our approach is to provide opportunities to turn “victims to survivors, survivors to thrivers, and thrivers into champions”. In the fight to attack human trafficking we provide care to its victims and prevention to those on the fringe. 

We address root causes, challenge community for the better and identifies and acknowledges its collateral damage. Innovative data aggregation, curriculums, and creation of demand prevention programs for men, boys, buyers, and violators are at the core of prevention.
By cultivating individualized and personalized responses to each victim’s needs, More Too Life Foundation has created a community that invokes each survivor’s story to overcome and heal through resilience and self-reflection. More Too Life’s vision is to bring an end to human trafficking and the social injustices that all victims face. More Too Life works hard in its organization with mentors, clinicians and advocates and educates those affected, so that they too can discover their authentic identity. In tandem, More Too Life continues to motivate others to take charge of changing systems and ideologies that fuel the root causes of sexual violence and inequality.

More Too Life also provides attention and support to homeless victims, children, young adult women and non-binary persons who were violated as children or adults and are now often treated as outcasts.

More Too Life provides training that effectively assists case managers, officers, federal agents, families, communities, and others in how to work with and talk to fearful and violated youth who often come off as uncooperative and angry.

More Too Life, Circa 2006, has been active since 2003 and incorporated in May 2005, in central and south Florida with strong national ties.
More Too Life has many partners to help a coordinated framework, designed to serve exploited and trafficked kids age 10 and up.

Our Mission: We exist to inspire change in people and transform culture for a better world for all victims
Until there are none.


Vision: We are a leading organization for innovation in human trafficking prevention, direct victim services, identity discovery and care.


Our Programs:


Community Programs

Our community is global. Education, provider advocacy, leadership development, social justice understanding and the awareness intelligence that we provide is a key component of our programs that are focused on prevention.

Residential Programs

Home is a word personified by the wealth of belonging. At More Too Life, we not only provide housing support, but the term “beds needed” is one we shy away from. A home is much more than a bed.

Innovative Programs

Survivors of trauma need to discover their own power. Our knowledge and desire to discover new ways of data aggregation, practices, courses, and services is born out of a deep desire for survivors to not only become aware of what is possible but have the tools that catapult them to walk in it.

Graduate Celebrations

Festive events, proms, graduation parties, commencement ceremonies — it seems like all the mainstream rites of passage for graduates is different from place to place.

Our Valuable Partners

We are not possible without our strategic partners. Learn how you can become one.


Foundation Level:

Not only financial supporters but our members are subscribers to some of our services. In addition, this membership program is our practical way to integrate our varied supporters and subscribers into an organization so they can not only give but be given to by growing in knowledge and assisting in helping us fulfill our collective strategic goals. Members also receive benefits such as our newsletter, resources, priority registration for trainings and events.

Iron Level:

This level of memberships combines the foundation level along with adding membership to our Coming Home System and mobile app.
To become a member or learn more please contact us here.
We also honor  those in the fight. Below are a few of our Strategic Partners