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More Too Life does three things: victim services, intervention and prevention. More Too Life offers intensive case management to victims of all forms of human trafficking. In fact, Dr. Bello and MTL Team have provided crisis services to families in open DCF investigations to prevent the need for removals. More Too Life also partners well with JDAP and juvenile court services for an understanding of treating victimization while dealing with drug addiction. More Too Life works with local law enforcement: Sarasota Police Department, Sarasota Sherriff’s Office, Venice Police Department, Palmetto Police Department, Bradenton Police Department, Manatee Sherriff’s Office and Longboat Key Police Department locally. Collaborations are include United States Marshalls Service, FBI and Blue Campaign to end Human Trafficking. The MTL team collaborates with DCF, Community Based Providers and has been hired by Kimberly Grabert  to train all new child abuse investigators and case managers. First Step Mothers & Infants, SPARCC, Department of Health, Healthy Start Coalition, Department of Corrections, Sarasota County Jail, Department of Juvenile Justice, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Venice Regional Medical Center, Doctor’s Hospital, Blake Hospital, Lakewood Ranch Hospital.

The success has enabled us to assist with legislation to protect children such as HB545 which deals with sexual assault committed on minors and other forms of sexual violence. The direct impact of serving close to 1200 high risk youth and teen victims and close to 100 adult victims each year is a testament to our focus. Our indirect services literally affect the lives of millions every day. A small nonprofit company with a global footprint. Over 20 million people have the same problem. Traffickers make money by luring them, kidnapping them, grooming them and coercing them, to engage in forced prostitution a form of of human trafficking and other forms of sexual violence with many homeless and drug addicted victims induced by abusers that create the illusion of bad girls but in fact they keep them addicted to control them. We at More Too Life work hard to assist all addicted victims to detox and find solutions to meet their needs for treatment. 3 million children go missing each year– “MISSING”  – vanished, due to human trafficking. The root causes are also startling. Over 90% of prostituted persons were victims of deep sexual violence as children beginning at age 3 and up. Rapists, buyers and traffickers are rarely prosecuted and the horror of victims who were once innocent children never assisted is a huge problem. More Too Life works tirelessly to provide direct services for youth as well as adults.  And indirect services to our global community. More Too Life is a leader in working with child/minor victims and the prevention in those that are high risk and other youth.  Note that More Too Life also works with victims of all forms of Human trafficking and has provided key services to many other agencies in great collaborations, insuring that the victims they discover in their programs also have a bridge to More Too Life allowing us to do more together without duplicating services.




More Too Life mentees come to us through referrals from their families, the courts, local law enforcement, street outreach, word of mouth, and other federal and state agencies.  Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the various needs of the amazing children, teens, and young women who need our help. Mental behavioral health is a huge component of the services we provide.  Force, fraud and coercion occur often without being identified. Such as a pregnant unidentified victim with one child already in the system who lives with a pimp pretending to be a boyfriend.  We go through an innovative educational and therapeutic process that not only teach victims that they were victims in the first place, but in assisting and educating our partnering agencies while providing “trauma informed care” as we work together to assist in identifying victims, and getting them the niche services we offer or referring them to other housing or out of state. This is a key example in partnering to build strong community. Via our Education Center and Residential Home & Garden, we provide a holistic focus on total care and healing. Beginning with a behavioral health overview for each individual.

MTL also received funds to serve LGBTQ (2016) from Sarasota community Foundation. LGBTQ has been identified by DCF as an undeserved population. More Too Life is also a partner of SURE, Sarasota United For Responsible Equity.

Our 3-18 month educational curriculum for youth and young women also includes our Champion Leadership Academy, designed for youth 8 years old and up, and our 14-week intensive diversion program called Pathway to Freedom. The Pathway program allows our clients to avoid jail time due to charges related to the trauma of trafficking and sexual violence.

Our survivors continue to receive therapy from licensed clinicians, psychiatric assessments, case management, and care from professionals and coaches throughout their time in our program. Support from our coaches, and volunteers help the participant develop and refine the skills needed to thrive as they enter a new, healthier life.


More Too Life provides housing support in our “Not Forgotten Project” project for homeless victims. While we transition victims to a safe place we provide services for them to heal, be supported, and then develop into whole,and productive individuals with hope and promise. The therapeutic services that we provide include mental behavioral health management, medical management, health classes, job readiness, STD prevention, budgeting classes, health and fitness, transportation support, food support on top of human service assistance with food cards, and Medicaid when applicable.

MINORS – Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) or CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) is the exploitation of children through prostitution, pornography, and sexual performance. More Too Life provides housing support and guidance via shelters and group homes to survivors of DMST. Parents and guardians have access to educational and programming simultaneously. We are also able to provide housing assistance to parents, foster parents, guardians, and adult victims who have children.  While in our programs, More Too Life offers a safe, supportive environment tailored to the individual’s needs of each survivor so that they can heal, grow, and create a new future at their own pace. Each victim is encouraged to set personal goals in the areas of therapy, education, and mentoring, and is supported by team of mentors, coaches, and volunteers throughout their journey of healing.

ADULTS – Domestic Sex Trafficking (DSM) refers to victims who are age 18 and older. During their time with us a survivor is enrolled in an educational process, we are also able to provide supervised and safe short-term or long-term residential care, where our focus is to rebuild confidence through this education, therapy, and life skills.

As a phrase we utilize “Educate – Empower & Employ” suggests, we move survivors through the real life stages of creating a resume, job searching and securing, budgeting, and functional life skills such as internet safety. These stages encourage recovery through setting and achieving important life goals.

Homeless individuals, currently or previously exposed to human trafficking, qualify for our “Safe Stay” Project, a 7-day transitional project to be launched in August 2017, in collaboration with the Salvation Army.


It is our greatest hope that all of the youth and adults we serve discover their truest sense of identity and the unique qualities that make them who they are.

The Champion Academy Center is an innovative space with a conceptual attitude and an innovative approach toward services and education, mentoring, crisis care and identity discovery, where many of our protocols and initiatives are based. The idea that no one can prosper above the capacity of their soul brings into mind the purpose of discovering one’s passion and purpose regardless of how their life began. It is a safe space, for art, education, career skills, goal setting, gender studies, mutual respect, human trafficking, pimp culture, and various forms of sexual violence prevention and how these studies play a part in the lives of society, pop culture and victimization. We desire that all victims begin to discover who they are and move beyond their trauma to a purposeful and productive life.

“Victims don’t know – that they don’t know” says, Dr. Brook Bello. For example, one of our mentees at More Too Life was watching the news late one night in a dirty hotel room, after a night of being sold, beaten and walking the streets for her most recent pimp of several years and said she, “felt sad” for the girls she saw on TV that were traffick victims. After a major federal operation that our team was called in to partner in, where this young lady, of course had been a victim since the tender age of 14 years old, she began to understand that she was in fact a victim all of this time. The broken bones, gang rapes and beatings, she thought were her fault began to flood her memory and she cried in our arms as if to say, why did everyone look at me all of this time as if I was the problem? As if I was the criminal? Human Trafficking and Prostitution is not a victim-less crime.

50% of the young women we assist in Florida are White. While 50% are Black and some Latina and other nationalities. 65% of Black women around the country that we have partnered to assist are sexually assaulted and violated and the high percentile of young women around the world are women of color. However, in the USA depending on the geographical location, you will also see a high percentage of White female children and adults as well. This crime doesn’t care where you come from, it just cares that  you are easy prey.  Identity Discovery, is not just for victims transforming their lives, perpetrators and men looking for a way out, male and female vulnerable youth on the brink of going down a path of destruction, but it is for all of us to wake up. It is for all of us to decide what kind of identity we desire as a country and to take the necessary steps to get there.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

 I  cannot help but assist the women, children and young men with the hope of a future after such ill abuse, that I myself, with needed help and love, overcame. 

Dr Brook Bello – Founder/CEO of More Too Life