Our Values


Culture of Love

We believe that the greatest assets on earth are “people” by God’s grace and we will create a culture of love and faith by focusing on honesty, integrity and responsibility with those we serve and partner with

Respect and Dignity

We believe in giving respect, dignity and accountability to every person we provide services to. We all must be protected from an unsafe and exploited environment and we give the power to our survivors to have the right and liberty to choose what is best for them. Our programs are survivor led as we work alongside them to help guide them to making healthy and holistic choices in their life.



We believe no one organization alone can begin to tackle the detailed complexities of Human Trafficking and the multifaceted needs and emotions of individual survivors. We partner with trusted best practice agencies and service providers to develop and custom tool kits of care and resources for those we serve.

The Truth

We believe our words are important and all of our stories have the power to transform lives. We must tell the true narrative of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking through teaching leadership, faith, honesty, integrity and accountability.


Advocacy and Assistance

We believe our advocacy must be survivor led. In order to transition from survivor to champion, we prioritize and mentor through rehabilitation and life restoration by placing the needs and experiences of those we serve at the core of our work. We seek to build trust so they will allow us to help them discover, build and live their own life’s true purpose.

Legacy of Fatherhood

We believe in helping men, boys and fathers find their honor and help end the demand for human trafficking. By making violence prevention and restorative justice at the core of our teachings, we create the understanding that lasting change comes with the legacy of fatherhood and that this is something that belongs to all men.



We believe in being passionate and focused to prioritize social justice and lasting change in the lives of those we have the privilege to serve. We utilize digital integrity and intelligence in educating our youth while partnering in providing educational tools and knowledge to Community, Governmental and Legislative leaders to end trafficking. The fight to end exploitation must be rooted in alliances for justice and a passion for change in culture worldwide. Working together to educate and reform – we can and will make a difference.


We believe in cherishing diversity. Our services are available to all we serve regardless of gender, race, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation, criminal background or gender identity – we are non-exclusionary