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Dr. Brook Parker Bello, PhD

Dr. Brook Parker Bello, PhD

Founder, CEO More Too Life


Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is a clinical counselor, author, advocate, actress, ordained minister and founding CEO of More Too Life, Inc., a non-profit, human trafficking reduction and survivor empowerment organization. A survivor herself, Dr. Bello draws from personal experiences, and her training as a pastoral clinical counselor, to help survivors discover their authentic identities through mentoring and education. 


More Too Life Foundation, an Open Doors Outreach Network Provider. More Too Life provides direct victim services, training, education, awareness-building events and prevention programs for court-appointed services in eight Florida counties. These initiatives feature curriculum written by Dr. Bello and an online learning management system for anti-trafficking programs and the criminal justice system nationwide. Recently, Dr. Bello, who was named a Google Next Gen Policy Leader in 2019, has leveraged technology to expand More Too Life’s impact with the Coming Home online case management system and mobile app, and VR Eval.  Coming Home is the first interactive app and adaptable online mentoring case management system for victims and trauma victims seeking mentoring, case management or support resources.  VR Eval is a new company founded by Dr. Bello along with Call of Duty co-founder Chance Glasgow, author and educator Carlos Wallace and Root VR tech creator David Waldenberg.  VR Eval collaborates with CyberDream, which will aid in expanding the functionality of this platform – a first of its kind machine learning-enabled tool designed to support trauma victims, law enforcement and victim advocates.  The Virtual environment allows for a safe, anonymous, de-biasing and soothing environment for interviews, mentoring, education and therapy.  


A sought after thought leader and speaker, Dr. Bello has written several books, including  Living Inside the Rainbow and the Living Inside the Rainbow Study Guide. She is currently finalizing her memoirs, which will be published in 2022.  She has spoken alongside presidents, prime ministers and fellow changemakers at universities, conferences and federal agencies including a keynote with Ashton Kutcher at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development national conference, and presenting with President Jimmy Carter at the Carter Center in Atlanta. 


In 2016, Dr. Bello received the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama and in 2019 she received the Advocate of the Year Award from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott, and was named by United Way Worldwide as a Hero for her work. She serves as an expert consultant for the US Dept of Health and Human Services Title X Clinics and the US Dept of Justice on human trafficking cases.


Dr. Bello received her doctorate from Covenant Theological Seminary in Georgia and she is an alumna of the Masters Series for Distinguished Leadership. She lives in Florida with her husband and two adorable dogs.




Shelli Freeland Eddie
Legal Counsel

Shelli Freeland Eddie has practiced law in the State of Florida since 2004, and opened her and her solo law practice, The Freeland Eddie Law Group, P.A. in 2012, practicing Marital and Family Law, Criminal Law, and Estate Planning. She is honored to provide pro bono legal services to More Too Life, and primarily assists our mentees in various stages of crisis, including domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness, and those returning to the community from extended periods of incarceration. She received her Judicial Doctorate at the University of Kentucky College, as well as a Bachelor’s in Political Science.


Carlos Wallace is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and youth advocate. Carlos has written two books that have earned the businessman turned social activist national acclaim. “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments into Your Greatest Blessings” is currently an integral part of the Psychology curriculum at Lone Star College – University Park in Houston, Texas. His second work, “The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind to Enjoy Serenity” is the inspiration behind an award-winning television program of the same name. Both books are hailed as guides to living with purpose and gratitude. Professors and victim’s advocates use the books as examples in overcoming adversity to achieve personal and professional success.

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Carlos is often called upon to speak at middle schools, high schools and colleges in Texas, New York, Atlanta, and Florida. He recently developed and moderates a proprietary mentorship and leadership program for New York City’s York College (Part of City University of New York public university system) entitled “The Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Transfer of Power” speaking series.

Thanks to his decades-long career as a fifth-generation railroader and his experience as a graduate of the National Labor College, Carlos is an expert in labor relations, mediation and contract negotiations. An alum of Union Pacific’s elite Brakeman/Conductor and Engineer schools, he is often called upon as a consultant during high profile hearings involving railroad employees facing disciplinary action. The International Organizer also helped run several political campaigns including those of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack H. Obama.

A luminary among his peers, Carlos was tapped to be part of Google’s exclusive “Next Gen” think tank. He joins a group of policy leaders at the forefront of technology and racial justice, and who have distinguished themselves in business, public service, content creation, education and activism.

Wallace is President and CEO of entertainment and philanthropy company, Sol-Caritas. Under the leadership of the successful businessman, Sol has produced a series of multi-city tours and events featuring stand-up comics and entertainers from Houston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles. The company has donated generously to over 100 non-profit local and internationally
recognized charities, including Covenant House, the American Diabetes Association, Haiti Relief, the American Cancer Society, and Lupus Foundation of America.

The proud husband and father divides his time between homes in Houston and New York. He is married to award winning journalist, television anchor and children’s book writer, Liz Faublas.

Contact Information:
Cell: 917-232-1798


Board of Directors | mentors | advisors


David Arkless is CEO and founder of his own consulting company, ArkLight Consulting Ltd. Between 1992 and 2013, he was employed at ManpowerGroup, and was president of global corporate & government affairs. Prior to this, he worked for Hewlett-Packard and thereupon founded his own consulting company, Caden Corporation.[3] Arkless is a regular advisor to the US Department of State, and various EU departments, also he serves as both board member and corporate committee member of CIETT, the international confederation of private employment agencies. Since May 2010, Arkless has worked as vice president of the China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations (CICPMC) in Beijing. As one of the founding members of the Global Agenda Council on the Skills Gap, Arkless is a regular participator in the World Economic Forum In 2011, he became president of the End Human Trafficking Now organization.

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Mr. Arkless is a world-renowned expert on labor market trends and has widespread experience of helping countries and corporations develop their labor market and talent strategies. In 2011, he became Vice- President of Ciett, the international confederation of private employment agencies. He has in depth experience of developing corporate and international affairs, and as such has been called to advise the governments of China, Mexico, Vietnam, Serbia and Singapore, as well as the US Department of State, the European Union and the cities of Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian and El Paso/Juarez regarding skills, talent, employment and social policy. In May 2010, he became Vice President of the China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations (CICPMC) in Beijing and is an advisor and supporter of the All Party Political Group on East Asia, empowering the Asian diaspora in UK society and building links between the East Asian and UK business communities.

Mr. Arkless also managed ManpowerGroup’s strategic relationships with high-profile organizations such as the World Economic Forum. He was a founding member and Chairman of a number of the WEF’s Global Agenda Councils.

He also supports partnerships with the European Policy Centre and the Clinton Global Initiative, and is an Ambassador for the Centre For Social Justice, an independent think-tank based in the UK.

His global areas of social contribution include being a highly influential campaigner in the fight to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery as well as giving refugees real hope for the future, through training and work. Mr. Arkless was President of the Board of End Human Trafficking Now (an organisation he helped found), the leading global organization empowering the business community to eradicate human trafficking and modern day slavery, and is Co-Chairman of the Business Coalition Against Trafficking (an organisation he founded) and co-founder of the Washington Business Ending Slavery and Trafficking organization, launched in the first quarter 2012, a not for profit focusing on mobilizing small to medium sized enterprises against trafficking in the US. He also led ManpowerGroup’s involvement in, a UN initiative to provide education for 9 million young refugees all over the world. Mr. Arkless is also a founding member of the Demand Abolition Advisory Council, based in the United States.

Mr. Arkless serves as an Advisory Board Member for both the International Organization for Migration and the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He also serves as a Board Member of Education For Employment, the pre-eminent US-based foundation that helps unemployed young people and the long-term unemployed in the Middle East and Africa. He is a board member of the Club of The Hague.

In 2011, Mr. Arkless joined the advisory board of PNB-NAPEO a public-private partnership that exists to better link young entrepreneurs and business leaders in the United States and the Maghreb.

In 2011, he was voted onto the Board of the Arab International Women’s Forum – an organization empowering women and working on inclusion in the Arab world as well as building bi-lateral business links between the Arab world and British business.

He serves as a regular speaker at high profile events including the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations, European Parliament, UK Parliament & House of Lords Select Committees, US Congressional and Senate committees, and at various internationally renowned business schools.

Mr. Arkless also led ManpowerGroup’s involvement with the United States Council on Competitiveness.

David also contributes regular expert appearances in national and global media such as the BBC, CNBC, and CNN.

His career in business has included running European entities, running Global sales organisations, running Global consulting companies, serving on the Executive boards of 20BN $+ organisations, making more than 20 major international acquisitions, establishing huge companies in India, China, Vietnem and The Gulf, as well as managing to keep his family consulting company, which helps implement Billion $+ turnkey power generation projects remain the preferred partner of Global infrastructure companies.

Mr. Arkless received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Durham (where he is now a Board member of the Business School) and has completed executive programs at INSEAD, IMD, and the San Jose College of Business. Mr. Arkless is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London.

Mr. Arkless credits much of his early business learning and belief in a corporate culture (what we now call “employee engagement”) to one company – Hewlett-Packard, where he served in the late 70’s and the 80’s as European Director of Development (European HQ), Compensation and Benefits Manager (UK) and Director of Human Resources (Peripherals Group – UK).

David is the Founder and Chairman of ArkLight Consulting and the Future Work Consortium, global advisory organisations.

For more detailed information and numerous videos google David Arkless. 

Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore, Th.D., D. Min.
Board member

Bishop Baltimore is a well respected global Interfaith Leader, Humanitarian, Missions Leader and Educator. He serves faithfully as the Senior Pastor and Leader of the International Community Baptist Churches, USA and the Philippines. Bishop Baltimore served with distinction as the 19th President of the ​Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) leading 2.5 million international members from 2010 to 2014. He was the first President of PNBC to serve from the State of Virginia. 

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Bishop Baltimore currently serves as President/CEO of Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC (G.A.I.N.) and C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries, Inc. He is the visionary and founder of the Carroll A. Baltimore Christian Academy, Inc. and the C.A.B. Southern Mindanao Theological Seminary.


An innovative and passionate human being and businessman. Formerly with Goldman Sachs, Anthony is a dedicated humanitarian. VIP executive with Toyota in North Miami he brings a rush of intelligence and leadership. 

Advisory Board member

Amina Resheidat is the Associate Director of Business Development & Programs at a for-profit company managing non-profit 501c6 and 501c3 professional medical associations and patient education organizations. Amina leads the development of the company’s two largest clients by conceptualizing initiatives that with the support of corporate donors and sponsors bring in approximately 3 million dollars annually, and representing the organizations at meetings with industry partners, patient advocacy meetings, FDA opening public hearings, and board meetings.

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Prior to her current role, Amina worked for a 501c3 organization as their Associate Director of Resource Development, raising funds for over 10 branches in Florida working with at-risk girls aged 11-17 to provide them with schooling, counseling (individual and for the entire family), financial assistance, and most importantly, empowerment. Amina received her BS from Florida State University (FSU) in 2013. While studying at FSU, Amina was the President of the Tallahassee chapter of Invisible Children, working to end the Ugandan war led by captive child soldiers under Joseph Kony, and find sustainable care for the children once they were rescued and returned home. Amina also worked for the university and their Student Government Association to create, fund, and execute an annual complimentary lecture series for the Tallahassee community, bringing in academically stimulating and socially relevant speakers such as Dr. Cornel West, the late Elie Wiesel, Nicholas Kristof, and Spike Lee. Her passion lies in community growth. Amina resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and two dogs

Mechelle Wilder
Board member

Mechelle Wilder has been in the real estate business the past 14 years and has built herself an outstanding reputation in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding area. With her years of education and work experience, Mechelle endeavors to provide a professional, skilled and enjoyable experience for all of her clients. She serves on various other boards of nonprofits and church organizations in her area. She holds a BA in Communications from Samford University and has extensive marketing training from IBM.

Emily Lapchick
Advisory Board Member

Emily Pasnak-Lapchick has served as the End Trafficking Officer at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, where she lead a national awareness and advocacy campaign on child trafficking. Through her work, she has spoken on CNN International, at the United Nations and various international conferences, at over 25 colleges and universities. She is an Honors Graduate from Eckerd College with a Bachelor’s in Sociology, and is currently taking a break from UNICEF while getting her Master’s in Social Innovation at University of San Diego.

Jay Berman
Advisory Board Member

Jay Berman is a native of Sarasota, and is very involved in the community, having served on and started several boards of local non-profit and community organizations. He has been an impactful non-profit advocate his entire life, and was very instrumental in getting More Too Life on the Glasser-Schoenbaum campus. Professionally, Jay has been a financial advisor for over 20 years. His focus is on his client’s’ overall financial situation including investments, insurance, and estate and tax issues.

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While in-app research and development, the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre took place in Nevada.  The press, law enforcement, and investigative agency continued to impress upon citizens the need to “See something, Say something” as a way to prevent future attacks.  The national campaign led to Kevin aptly naming his app “See Something, Send Something”.

Diana rockefeller
Special Mentor to dr. bello

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Ms. Rowan Rockefeller has been active for more than two decades with the Tibetan struggle for human rights and cultural survival, and has hosted His Holiness the Dalai Lama on behalf of the International Campaign for Tibet.  She has worked as a management development consultant for Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. government, as an editor for The Atlantic magazine, and as a writer for international publications. She holds a B.A. with honors, an M.A. from the University of Chicago, and has studied at the Harvard Divinity School.  Ms. Rowan Rockefeller has also received an Honorary Doctorate for Humanitarian Services from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

Diana Rowan Rockefeller is Founder and Chair of Afghan Women Leaders CONNECT, founded in 2001 which for thirteen years supported Afghan women NGO leaders rebuilding their country through health, educational and legal aid programs (  A philanthropist and activist focusing for over three decades on women’s economic, educational and social equity issues, Ms. Rowan Rockefeller served for fourteen years on the Rockefeller Family Fund in New York. 

Ms. Rowan Rockefeller has served on the U.S. Afghan Women’s Council since its inception at the U.S. State Department and has taken part in delegations to Afghanistan, also traveling there on her own. She is a current member of the Women and Foreign Policy Advisory Council at the Council on Foreign Relations. She served for two years as New York Leadership Circle Co-Chair of Women for Women International, which supports women survivors of war in eight countries. 


Andy Abramson
Board member

Andy Abramson is a lifelong marketing and communications executive, with a background in value creation and brand acceleration across multiple industries. He is the Founder and CEO of Comunicano, Inc., servicing start-ups, companies in transition and established brands with regard to corporate communications, public relations, influencer development and reputation management.

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In addition to Comunicano, Andy is the co-founder/CEO of Brand Communication Design, a strategic marketing services agency focused on end-to-end online and offline brand building, direct to consumer sales development and integrated communications for new and established businesses and organizations. Andy is also partner and co-founder of VelocityRPA, an all digital agency specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) based in Austin, TX and Solana Beach, CA. Andy career started in professional sports team at age 14 and spanned over 24 years. During that time, he held a series of leadership roles with three professional sports teams – the Philadelphia Wings, Philadelphia Flyers and Denver Nuggets, followed by senior account management roles within Foote, Cone and Belding/Impact before establishing and guiding the public relations and sports marketing activities for The Upper Deck Company.
An avid traveler, wine aficionado and accidental winemaker, Andy serves as the U.S. Ambassador for the Grenache Association. In 2013 he became the first Californian ever to be inducted and Knighted by the Faugères Confrérie of the Chevalier du Commanderie (Knights of the Brotherhood), a French wine and food society with roots back to the Templar Knights. In 2015 Business Traveler Magazine named Andy “Business Traveler of the Year.” In 2018 Andy was inducted into the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association’s Hall of Fame for his years of pioneering service, and since 1988 he serves on its’ board of directors as a Director Emeritus for the regional governing body of amateur hockey. Andy holds the distinction of being the youngest ever to be awarded both honors.


Arianna Mead
Mentor / Regional Advocate

“More Too Life, Inc and Open Doors Outreach Network”

“My passion is advocating for individualized and customized care so that every single strength, need, hope and dream is recognized and respected. My own self-care looks like a stroll at the dog park with my Catahoula-Shepherd (Shadow) and German Shepherd (Lady).”

Idalia Rivera

“More Too Life, Inc and Open Doors Outreach Network”

“My passion is to lead my children & mentee’s into a stable, empathetic, courageous, loving and successful life plan.”


“More Too Life, Inc and Open Doors Outreach Network”

Dawn comes to More Too Life with over fifteen years of professional experience connecting individuals and families to community resources, navigating complex systems of care and a proven track record of improving service delivery systems. Dawn recently spearheaded a street outreach program for unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness as a Master Case Manager as part of the Sarasota YMCA’s School House Link. 

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She engaged close to 150 youth through street outreach and empowered them to take steps to move forward as self-sustaining adults. Dawn made strong connections with community leaders and was identified as a Subject Matter Expert to expand services for unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness in Sarasota County. Dawn was honored to receive a Citizen’s Certificate of Merit from the Sarasota Police Department for her work with homeless youth. Dawn will enlighten MTL services with her broad range of knowledge in health and human services, ranging from child welfare, developmental disabilities, program management, community organizing to and advocacy on state and local levels. During her career, Dawn has served on numerous local and state committees and has been instrumental in the passage of key legislation relating to Medicaid buy-in for children, supportive employment and autism treatment. Dawn successfully secured funding from the city council to bring bus stops into compliance with ADA standards in Fort Collins, CO. Dawn is described as a strong advocate for the people she serves and is very passionate about social justice impacting our most vulnerable citizens. She holds a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Houston, a Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Texas in Arlington, as well as an Associate’s in Mental Health and Youth Counseling.


“More Too Life, Inc and Open Doors Outreach Network”

Lindsay splits her time working at More Too Life as a survivor mentor and compliance assistant, as she can easily adapt to different styles of communication and organization. She brings a passion in developing a healthy family structure with an emphasis on self-care, fitness and nutrition. She has previously been a mentor to women of family violence, and enjoys establishing connections for our mentees to local services and resources. Lindsay received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park and is also a scientist specializing in marine life.


After interning with More Too Life for a summer during her undergrad, Lana is excited to have joined the team full time after her graduation. Lana has always had a passion to help people in need, and desires to make an impactful change, in her local community and in the world. She assists Dr. Brook Bello in administrative tasks, while continuously learning about the issue of human trafficking and the associated risk factors. Lana received her Bachelor’s in International Relations from Florida International University, and is currently working on her Master’s in Public Administration.

Director of operations

Shávon works closely with Dr. Bello and oversees day to day processes for More Too Life, and this includes being second in command. Although, trained to strategically identify potential victims, provide coaching and support, she establishes partnerships to strengthen awareness and resources while digging deep into work flow strategy in the governance and operations.  With a heart to inspire others, she enjoys working in a team-setting and is driven by the vigor to create change for a better society. Additionally, she is a passionate and skillful certified life coach who holds expert knowledge in personal and professional development. Shávon received her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications from University of Central Florida.

Telisia Espinosa
Survivor Mentor

“More Too Life, Inc and Open Doors Outreach Network”

Telisia is a new member of our incredible team. She brings years of expertise in the combatting human trafficking, with an extensive background in training state and federal law enforcement.

Nilda Otero
Regional Advocate

“More Too Life, Inc and Open Doors Outreach Network”

I come to More Too Life, Inc. with the desire and the passion to provide a voice for victims and survivors, and show them that there is more to life than what they have experienced.

Mikayla Simeral
Regional Advocate

“More Too Life, Inc and Open Doors Outreach Network”

“I am humbled to return to my home state of Florida and serve alongside a team of passionate change-makers. I look forward to applying my extensive global experiences to strengthen those we serve at More Too Life.”

Sabella Neal


Executive assistant, mentor, professional blog writer, small business owner, public notary, and woman of faith. Sabella joined More Too Life coming in with a heart on fire for the social justice fight to end all forms of Human Trafficking. Sabella volunteered as a group facilitator at Action Family Counseling and studied drug and alcohol counseling at Glendale Community College. Her many accomplishments also include graduating from the Los Angeles Dream Center Discipleship Program and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Arizona State University. Sabella has an extensive background in mentoring youth, teens and adults with drug and alcohol addictions, pornography, self-harming, domestic violence, and trauma. Sabella has a passion to save lives and mentor individuals to succeed while being a part of a cohesive, engaged, inspired team and community. When she is not living out her passion through her work, you can find her spending time with her family at the beach as she strives to maintain serenity and balance in her personal life.


  • We believe in creating a “Culture of Love” focusing on integrity and responsibility with those we serve and those we partner and collaborate with. We understand that our greatest asset on the planet is people by God’s grace. Even to modern economists – human beings are the greatest asset and we realize our earthly greatest treasure.
  • We believe the concept of “Identity Discovery” and life’s purpose is paramount to maximizing potential, and to discover it one needs the tools and power to transform their lives. We assert that all human beings need to understand the connectedness with life, discovering their power  and that they have a significant part to play.
  • We believe in utilizing “digital integrity and intelligence” in educating our youth to the urgency of the future of work and tech. while partnering and providing educational tools to institutions, NGO’s, various system leaders, governmental and legislative leaders and nations.
  • We believe our words are important and all of our stories have transformational power. Therefore, we believe in teaching leadership, respect, honesty, integrity and accountability.
  • We believe in helping men, boys and fathers find their honor and ending the demand or human trafficking. The understanding that lasting change comes with the need for the legacy of fatherhood is something that belongs to all men and therefore violence prevention and restorative justice is an urgent necessity.
  • We believe in being resilience led, passionate and focused to create social justice and lasting change in the lives of those we have the privilege to serve and those that we collaborate with. Therefore, healing, self-care, mental behavioral health, physical wellbeing plus dream building, and goal setting is paramount to all we do.
  • We believe in inclusion: we serve all who come and we are non-exclusionary, although our main focus is specific to certain demographics. Therefore, we also believe in long lasting partnerships plus community and global relationships.