Living Above the Noise Curriculum (LATN) .

Living Above The Noise (LATN) is our 3-12 month educational curriculum written by Dr. Brook Bello’s Youthiasm, and licensed by More Too Life, with an emphasis on victims’ survivors emotional shift on any kind of childhood violence or trauma being their fault. We have identified that most of our mentees come from fatherless, neglected and/or abusive homes and are searching for acceptance even before being trafficked. Our four semesters go through personal development, worldviews on human trafficking and sexual violence, early warning signs and prevention methods, internet safety and integrity with exposure to the world through technology, de-collateralizing from sexual violence trafficking and gang or pimp culture, and the necessary skills to enter a new, healthier lifestyle. This program is in two formats starting with ages 10-18, and then 18 and up. More Too Life has no age limit. Our LATN Youth Education program is also approved in Sarasota County schools.

DR BROOK BELLO text books

“Living Inside the Rainbow” Winning the Battlefield of the Mind After Human Trafficking and Mental Bondage is an excellent faith based educational text book and now with a new Living Inside the Rainbow “Workbook and Study Journal Companion” to order please

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 RJEDE More Too Life considers RJEDE a key component of victim service. Our Restorative Justice End Demand Education (RJEDE) is an 8 hour course on human trafficking and prostitution prevention created by Dr. Brook Bello’s Youthiasm, and licensed by More Too Life, that offers a comprehensive education to court appointed sexual offenders or buyers, referred men at risk of committing sexual violence and volunteer participants. It is a powerful educational model that ignites honor with men and points to the vital role they have in ending demand, prostitution, protecting children and young women, and help bring healing and transformation to the victims and themselves. The education is extensive in its approach in an in depth study on the history of prostitution, human trafficking and all of the root causes as well as healthy relationships, sexually transmitted diseases and the vices and issues men in the 21st century face.