More Too Life offers Prevention & Awareness Events, technical training and resources to assist service providers, teachers, educators, advocates and law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking. To know more, please download our training guide below.


Living Above the Noise Curriculum (LATN)

Objective: To transform victims into survivor, thrivers and ultimately champions by educating and empowering youth, young women and men, as well as the LGBTQ community, with a variety of ways on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Why: By discovering a identity and purpose, struggling individuals are prevented from falling in the cracks of society and becoming victims of human trafficking and sexual violence. 

LATN is our 5 semester (3-12 month) educational curriculum created by Dr. Brook Parker-Bello of Youthiasm®  founder of More Too Life, Inc. which we consider as a key aspect of our victim service framework model. The purpose of this is not only to foster a survivor mentality, but also to create leaders with a higher purpose who will have a positive impact on society, with an emphasis on a victim’s emotional shift on any kind of childhood violence or trauma being their fault to being a survivor champion. We have identified that most of our mentees come from fatherless, neglected and/or abusive homes and are searching for acceptance even before being trafficked, as a part of prevention. Our five semesters go through personal development, worldviews on human trafficking and sexual violence, early warning signs and prevention methods, internet safety and integrity with exposure to the world through technology, leadership, identity discovery, cultural influences, de-collateralizing from gang or pimp culture, and the necessary skills to enter a new life. The overall goal is to educate and empower youth and young adults with ways they can live a happy and sustainable lifestyle. This program is in different formats starting with ages 10-18, and then 18 and up. It can be modified from 12 months to 1-3 months for focused, engaging education for youth that are court-appointed, moving away or need short, yet efficient, prevention.


Objective: To educate youth on the importance of digital integrity and internet safety as it relates to human trafficking, misconduct, healthy relationship boundaries.

Why: With the growing complexity of the Internet and its many components youth need to learn how to stay safe and respond to the dangers that are circulating on social media and the world-wide web.

The LATN DI2 – Digital Integrity & Intelligence education is a pull-out from the complete LATNä curriculum which focuses on prevention and awareness set against the backdrop of digital integrity and the urgency of internet safety as it is related to the root causes of being a victim of abuse, exploitation, bullying, and gang association. It also provides an understanding of the internet as a powerful tool that reduces global borders, promotes gender respect and equality, and introduces net neutrality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the six degrees of information, and the future of work. It consists of four 1-hour interactive sessions geared towards reaching students and youth of varying ages and learning styles. We teach on healthy relationships, identity discovery, goal setting, STEAM education, all while stressing the means of informed decision-making, prevention for substance abuse, sexual assault and misconduct, teen pregnancy and STDs, as it relates to human trafficking in the 21st century. Each of the 4 pars incorporates a multimedia presentation that is utilized in a diverse group of settings such as classrooms, assemblies, small groups, or by grade. The course is altered depending upon age.


DR BROOK BELLO text books

“Living Inside the Rainbow” Winning the Battlefield of the Mind After Human Trafficking and Mental Bondage is an excellent faith based educational text book and now with a new Living Inside the Rainbow “Workbook and Study Journal Companion” to order please

EDUCATION: There is no greater resource than that of knowledge and education. Let us train your team and staff: hospital, airline, housing authority, school, and others!



Official Court appointed course in Sarasota, Manatee and Miami Dade Counties.

Contracted for other agencies.

There is also a faith based segment making the entire curriculum available to be taught at the local and global church and faith organizations.

Restorative Justice #Reduce Demand Education

Objective: To provide comprehensive education to sexual offenders, buyers, and men at risk of committing sexual violence in order to reduce the demand of prostitution and human trafficking while we ignite honor within men to encourage mutual respect and social responsibility. Pornography addiction and other extreme challenges and prevention’s are discussed. 

Why: The hyper-sexualization of our society normalizes gender-related power imbalances which creates gateways for sexual exploitation and other crimes and abuses.

Restorative Justice End Demand Education or (RJEDE™) is an 8-hour course on human trafficking and prostitution prevention created by Dr. Brook Parker-Bello of Youthiasmâ and licensed by More Too Life, Inc. RJEDE™ is considered a key component of victim service. It offers comprehensive education to court-appointed sexual offenders or buyers, referred men at risk of committing sexual violence, pornography addicts, and volunteer participants. This powerful educational model disrupts to ignites honor with men or women and points to the vital role they have in reducing the demand of exploitation, prostitution and protecting children and young adults while promoting social responsibility, as well as helping bring healing and transformation to the victims and themselves. The education is extensive in its approach as in-depth study on the history of prostitution, human trafficking and all of the root causes as well as healthy relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, the negative effects it has on the brain and the science behind it, and the vices and issues men and some female offenders face in the 21st century. The program is proven to reduce recidivism in those who purchase prostituted persons (mostly with a success rate of above 90%. It helps bring about a reduction of sexual violence and prevents and protects children from becoming victims. Call Dr. Bello at the More Too Life, Inc’s office for next available class dates and to sign up. 941-227-1012.

Live Until You Die (LUYD)

Objective: To prevent recidivism in individuals who have been jailed for prostitution by encouraging character development and providing skills for an independent lifestyle.

Why: Many of these women and men, including members of the LGBTQ community, may not realized that they have been victims and that the crimes they committed are a result of their victimization.

Live Until You Die (LUYD), created by Dr. Brook Parker-Bello of Youthiasm® and licensed by More Too Life, Inc. is a court-appointed, personal development program for individuals who have been jailed, or have re-offended, as a result of prostitution. We aim to serve prostituted offenders who may be victims of sexual/domestic violence, human trafficking and under pimp control, drug dependent, and mentally challenged, and other individuals under the influence of gangs or financial fraud or coercion. The program consists of an 8-hour course, split into 4 interactive sessions with the goal to prevent recidivism by encouraging a life change with character development through referred resources and personal responsivity, as well as skills that foster an independent lifestyle, while identifying invisible victims of exploitation. The intent is also educating our participants on the history of prostitution and human trafficking and the childhood trauma often never dealt with.



The following resources may help support individuals and organizations wishing to use The Life Story: Moments of Change in their efforts to end violence against all girls and all women. Below you will find handouts, information on the films, a customizable presentation, social media assets and a citation list. The handouts and films are available in Spanish as well as English. For questions or additional information please send a message via the Contact form.


A series of printable handouts, focusing on how key social systems and life moments intersect with the sex trade. For use at events, presentations, and trainings.

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